Handwriting is used to communicate; It should be sufficiently automatize which means sufficiently legible and quick in relation to the age of the child or the teenager.


Handwriting issues are frequent and affect boys more than girls. They can intervene at any moment of schooling or life. In adults, some neurological pathologies also have consequences on writing.

Handwriting issues

Writing issues can be isolated or manifest themselves at the same time as learning issues such as dyslexia, dysorthographia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, TDA/H, dysexecutive issues, but also autistical spectrum issues.


Gifted children may also meet some handwriting difficulties.

Global Assessment

Beyond the speed and quality of writing, the assessment makes it possible to understand the proficiency of the child or the adolescent in fields related to writing:

- written language

- the postures and the holding of the pen

- visual-motor and visual-attentional capacities

- praxis

- audito-verbal memory, working memory and visual memory


At the end of the assessment, support can be proposed, with a possible referral to another specialist if necessary (speech therapist, orthoptist, psychomotrician, neuropsychologist, ...).


Recommendations to the teacher are often mentioned, as well as requests for adjustments at school or for examinations through a PAP (Personalized Assistance Plan).

Educational Team, Amenities, Adaptations


Several proposals are available to help in class and / or exams. Integrative © accompanies you in preparing these different options:


The Educational team is a meeting taking place with the school management, the child / adolescent teacher, the parents and often with the professionals.


Adaptations or adaptations in class are proposed by the professional who follows the child or adolescent. They can be formalized in a specific Plan and can evolve during the year according to the needs of the young person. It is re-evaluated each year, if necessary.


Here is the link from the French Ministry of Education, below, defines these different plans:


National Education Texts

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