Mindfulness for teenagers aged 13 to 19

Mindfulness for teenagers...

Mindfulness is defined as "focusing on the present moment, moment by moment, intentionally and without judgment" (Jon Kabat-Zinn). The best way to exercise mindfulness is the practice of mindfulness meditation. It is a secular meditation to the western, whose benefits are scientifically demonstrated. Reduction of stress and anxiety Optimized Concentration Better management of emotions Communication facilitated Education for attention, rather than tension! The tools of the Full Consciousness, a program adapted to them, enabling them to: Improving concentration Regulating Stress & Taming Emotions Soothe tensions & regain calm Building self-confidence and mobilizing resources Improving Relationships Offer them keys that will serve them all their lives!


The adolescent is invited to an interview and to experience his first practice of mindfulness.


8 sessions cycle

The cycle is organized with 8 weekly sessions (except during half terms). The group share its experience after each mindfulness pratice.

Support & sharing

Exercices are proposed after each session. The teenagers could practice in their daily life and share their experience at the very beginning of the next session.

Schedule Minfulness for teenagers

Autumn Sessions : Starting November 2017


Spring Sessions : Starting Mars 2018


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