Mindfulness for children aged 4 to 12


The practice of mindfulness invites everyone to relate to his experience in the moment, to feel what is going on in and around himself, by adopting an open, curious and non-judgmental attitude. To be really present in the moment, attentive, without being carried away by the agitation of the moment, without yielding to his impulses. More than a technique, it is really an education to be in relation with oneself and with the world around us, with openness, respect and benevolence.


Mindfulness is a secular, modern practice, the beneficial effects of which have been the subject of numerous scientific studies for the last thirty years. This attention to the present has beneficial effects on many points, such as managing stress, anxiety, appeasing negative thoughts, regulating emotions, presence to oneself and others, taking a step back when we are slightly annoyances or, on the contrary, a greater awareness of the happiness already present around oneself.


More and more studies and testimonies show the benefits of the practice of mindfulness, in particular to better manage stress and develop a feeling of well-being in school. Neuroscience has proved that the mind has a powerful capacity for attention and evolution. The Mindfulness training program teaches children how to manage their emotions and how to cope with multiple solicitations. It also allows them to refocus and pause in the midst of all this daily turmoil. Here are the recognized benefits of mindfulness: More serene children. Better management of stress and emotions An increase in attention, concentration and memory. The development of pro-social behaviors, favoring the living together.

Which method ?

Eline Snel had this great idea of adapting the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) protocol created for adults by John Kabat-Zinn. It is a reference book (the first), which allows parents to introduce presence and caring in the family. Through concrete examples, life experiences, simple propositions, the full consciousness is invoked on a daily basis.

Parents' and Child Interview

An interview is offered to the child with their parents to explain what is mindulfness. A trial is also proposed to practice for the first time !

8 sessions cycle

Practice is organized around a 8 sessions' cycle with maximum 8 children. Individual sessions could be given on demand.


Practice & support

Between each session, each child is invited to practice with simple exercices. The very beginning of a session is an very special moment where they can share their experiences.

Mindfulness schedule for Children

November 2018 : 1st cycle 2018


Mars 2018 : 2nd cycle 2018


September 2018 : 3rd cycle 2018


October 2018 : 4th cycle 2018


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